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.gifv file will not load

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Surfing Reddit, animated .gifv files, like those found on Imgur, will not load. Regular .gif files load normally and run. I have tried the about:config page, checked the image.animation_mode line and it is set to normal. I have cleared the cache. I have restarted Firefox in Safe Mode. I have the latest version of Firefox installed (currently 68.0.2). I checked Norton and nothing is set to keep these files from loading. I checked that the few Adddons I have are updated. My Extensions (Adblock, uBlock, Flash Flash player, Privacy Pass) are all updated. I loaded Flash video player. Nothing worked. Any other suggestions?

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Hi dpspam, GIFV are usually converted to MP4 video, which Firefox should play in the built-in HTML5 video player (not using Flash).

Three issues:

(1) Autoplay and controls

Imgur videos generally don't have play buttons, so when autoplay is disabled, it could be difficult to start the video. If clicking doesn't help, you could try right-click > Show controls.

(2) MPEG-decoding support

Firefox on Windows needs to use the Media Foundation (a Microsoft component). Does your Firefox normally play MP4 video on other sites? You can use the following test page to see whether your Firefox tells a script whether it can handle it:


If you don't have "probably" for MP4/H.264, please check out: Fix video and audio playback problems on Firefox for Windows.

(3) Embedding issues

If the videos play normally on Imgur but not on Reddit, it's possible that some settings or add-ons are restricting the video differently because it is embedded.

(Reddit is having server issues right now so I can't test myself.)