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Firefox and Duck Duck Go are set up as default browser and search engine in Windows 10, but how do I use them instead of Edge and Bing with Cortana?

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I do not want Google or anything Chrome-based as a solution. I love using Firefox and Duck Duck Go, but I can find no help to make them the default when using Cortana on my desktop.

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Hi kwileyone, I found this page from MS about Cortana: Cortana and privacy

All the way at the bottom it says:

To turn off Cortana’s help in Microsoft Edge: 1. Open Microsoft Edge. 2. Go to Settings. 3. Go to Advanced and turn off Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge.

I'm not sure about turning off Bing. Maybe you could find some help with that at TenForums or The Windows Club

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A long time ago... Cortana would send your search request to your default browser as a Bing URL. For a while, Firefox had a feature to detect a code in that URL and switch it to a search on your default search engine. I think Microsoft got fed up with this and sent all Cortana searches to Edge.

Since then, new workarounds have been discovered or promoted, but I haven't tested any of them myself -- I don't enable Cortana. Here's one article that describes how to do it: