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this file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action...

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see attached picture - clicked on "get" - firefox pops up this message ("This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Settings page") I can't see what type of file it is, so I can't create an association... My OS is Windows 10, and I've installed firefox and made it my default browser (and done my best to get Microsoft to stop associating things with Microsoft Edge... How do I get Firefox to download anything and everything, like it did when I had a Windows 7 laptop with Firefox installed? Windows 10 seems to be very aggressive in pushing MS Edge over Firefox... are there any other settings I should do to make ALL internet activites use Firefox and not MS Edge...?

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Hi Thom, when I click Get, the Microsoft Store application immediately pops up with that listing.

First, is your Microsoft Store app working if you call it from the Start menu or search box?

And in Firefox, could you double-check a setting:

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button promising to be careful or accepting the risk.

(2) In the search box above the list, type or paste -store and pause while the list is filtered

(3) If the network.protocol-handler.external.ms-windows-store preference is bolded and "modified" to false, double-click it to restore the default value of true

Any progress so far?

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Hi Jsher2000, thanks for response.

I'm still discovering Windows 10 and all the stuff that seems to be just different for the sake of fashion and not function... so bear with me...!

if I call MS Store app from search box (bottom left of screen), it opens the store through MS Edge. Search for WeChat, find the same page as I was on in Firefox. Click on "GET" - nothing at all happens... no pop-up saying it can't do anything, just doesn't do anything at all I tried a couple of other free apps to see if it was only WeChat that won't download... but no, it seems MS Edge just does nothing when you click "GET" and Firefox gives the "this file does not have an app..." pop-up.

network.protocol-handler.external.ms-windows-store is "true" but network.protocol-handler.warn-external.ms-windows-store is "false"

should these both be "true"?

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Hi Thom, the second preference will trigger Firefox to show a dialog letting you choose a program, so in this case, yes, go ahead and turn that on. Maybe it will help somehow.

But what we really need is for the Microsoft Store app to work. I found some articles in a search, but haven't tested myself:

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Hi Jscher2000, well, I've now realised that MS Store App actually is no longer on my laptop... and as it's a work laptop, I'm not going to do the most drastic solution (i.e. bottom of the list of options in the links you posted) yet - first I'll see if our IT blokes can sort it... Windows 10 obviously caused me some confusion - typing "Microsoft Store" in the search box gives you the link to a web search (and I initially didn't realise that it was just a link to the web and not a shortcut to the actual App...)

I set network.protocol-handler.warn-external.ms-windows-store to "true" and as you predicted, Firefox now gives me an option to choose a program to choose an application... but I don't know what application to use! Any ideas?

anyway, it's 11pm in UK so I'm off to bed, will resume investigation tomorrow... and if our IT dept solve it, I'll try to post how they did it...

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Hi Thom, pleasant dreams! And yes, if IT manages the software, they probably will want input on whether the Store is brought back.