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Once again Mozilla has chosen to block an extension - and I am using a version that should NOT be interfered with

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This is the second time in this week that my browser has been Hijaaked by Mozilla. I am running a pre v57 (v51.0.1) version of Mozilla DELIBERATELY so you guys will keep your hands OFF my browser- Yet here we are again with your fingers in my configuration. I am using 51.0.1. I have disabled upgrades. I have disabled xpi checks. I have set my whitelist to ALL. I have changed the reported version in use to keep you from forcing an upgrade ... WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY CONFIGS!

I will decide whether an extension i have used for YEARS is a problem! I not you. Please give me a config property for v51.0.1 that will prevent you from doing ANYTHING without my active agreement and participation. I depend on the add-ons I have installed. I use them and they work. This is twice you guys have screwed me in one week. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY CONFIGS! I know I can set all Mozilla files to read-only but that requires me to cycle on and off to perform some tasks and I can just see those greedy fingers looking for a hole to meddle into

I repeat from my last complaint: A feature without an OFF switch is a defect.

Please tell me how to fix this DEFECT and keep your fingers OFF of my desktop

Richard Hill (for the SECOND TIME IN FIVE DAYS)

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Well.. after 30 min of walking thru configs and restarting FireFox, I think I'm closer to undoing the unwanted un-asked-for meddling: Set "extensions.blocklist.enabled" to false I just did so and it SEEMS to have brought my video editor back. I'm going to check over the next couple of restarts and see if I get any more of these ridiculous meddles and I will share what works for me so others can prevent fools from meddling with their systems.

Suggestion: Why don't all of you meddlers go help old ladies with their computers, woman with assaults and feed the poor - y'know people who NEED or WANT protection, and leave the rest of us alone. Where is the OFF switch for meddling ??? Go meddle with v66 and leave us alone.

Richard. <Will post again once I know what else, if anything, needs to be reset.>

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There has been an unfortunate incident with an intermediate certificate that had expired recently and this certificate was used to verify the signatures of extensions hosted on the Add-ons website. This expired intermediate certificate caused Firefox to distrust and disable all installed extensions. There have been Firefox updates released to address this issue (66.0.5 and 60.6.2 ESR).

Users of other (unsupported) Firefox versions will have to install this new intermediate certificate via other ways for now.

See these threads about to add the certificate manually:

There is a legacy system add-on planned for older Firefox versions that do not support the hotfix.

  • Bug 1549604 - ship legacy system add-ons to remediate armagadd-on 2.0

See also Mozilla Add-ons on Twitter:

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Already installed that new cert - that fixed my first Meddle. Now, two days AFTER the cert was added, you blocked my video editor because it supports remote calls. DUH! Yeah - I edit from different machines and without Remote calls that don't work.

Please tell me how to keep my configs from being changed without my permission. Just because someone else does not like an extension has NO bearing on whether I need it.

This is not a cert issue. This is someone else deciding what is best for me. That is why I left Internet Exploder and Gagme Chrome - Just find out what I need to do to guarantee no more meddling. That is all I want and need. Put an OFF switch on EVERYTHING you add or change.

Richard <still so so disgusted>

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RichardHill said

you blocked my video editor because it supports remote calls.

Mozilla blocked the extension you mean.

If you are referring to the "Flash Video Downloader" FVD extension then there were plenty of valid reasons to put it on blocklist.

https://github.com/mozilla/addons/issues/1026 https://blocked.cdn.mozilla.net/

Btw if you are going to use a random old version like 51.0 then at least consider 52.9.0esr as it will be much more up to date on security fixes.

Modificato da James il

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First: My response to the posted policy taking effect on June 10, posted to that thread and repeated here:

"This entire policy REEKS of societalism and chauvinism. The ONLY reason to do ANY kind of block is if the extension is affecting OTHERS. I do not need, require, or request your so called "protection". I deliberately run an older version of FireFox to AVOID just this kine of meddling, this arrogant assumption that you know what I need and that I would prefer you r"protection" to my choices. If it is not a threat to other users, leave us the hell alone!. Send messages, send opionions, send recommendations, but keep your hands OFF my desktop. I stopped using Gagme Chrome and Internet Exploder and stayed at FF 51.0.1 for just this reason: Interference!"

Second: These "blocked" extensions, now restored by the config edit above, are used by my editor. I NEED them to run. Later versions were created under duress from you nervous nancy's with key features and usages disabled or no longer available. May 06, 2019: Flash Video Downloader May 06, 2019: Flash Player Plugin and older (click-to-play) May 06, 2019: Flash Player Plugin on Linux and older (click-to-play) I have read the so called reports of "violations" and they are a lot of protectionist crap (pardon my bluntness). I have a very secure router setup and I monitor traffic - there is NO outgoing traffic from my systems that is not generated by me, or in response to a known and deliberate action. I repeat - unacceptable interference

Third: You guys are still not reading what I wrote. I chose 51.0.1, (yes I tried 52.0.9 and 52.0.9esr on a test system- they are not suitable due to the start of "protectionism") deliberately because it was the latest version where i could block all attempts to interfer with my configurations. I AM RUNNING 51.0.1 DELIBERATELY AND WITH GOOD REASONS! But now, not content with meddling with your current users, you are reaching back to unsupported (Mozilla's words) older versions when that is exactly WHY I am using it.

I did a test on another system, i installed 51.0.1 and deliberately added in extensions (which I always download so I can re-add them if you <ahem> "People" block them) that you block. Read-only status on all Mozilla files prevents your meddling. But, I cannot download files or .pdf docs while this is in effect. So if this chauvinistic protectionism is the way of the future, and for ghod's sake please do NOT do this - MYOB and all that good verbage, then I am going to have to test out what files to mark read only to prevent your changing my configs without my permission or go to using two systems: one that I can work on and another one for reading and downloading docs, and programs.

I WILL publish whatever I find works and whatever i find that will obviate, block or counter this idiotic protectionism: ---If it does not affect any other user - Post an opinion and hands off ---If any change or feature you create does not have an off switch - it is a BUG!

Read what I WROTE, NOT what you THINK I wrote, or meant.


First of all - Both of those

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Update: I made significant changes in my about:config, I am down to half of the Mozilla files in read only mode and am slowly removing RO from others as I restart to test. I have made some edits to system files to add a user permission to block some changes, tested this on a 60 system and updates popped up my weasel message box requesting a YES to continue. ALL extensions are add-able including a few that no one in their right mind would add (the ones that WOULD affect other people if I left them installed) - so this looks good.

  I can download files and view/download .pdf's, audio and video, and all my installed extensions including ones that were blocked remain active and usable.  

I will awt the next attempt to interfere with my 51.0.1 installation and if I am still good, or if I figure out a cancellation, that will go into the "book" I will be posting that "book" of all changes edits and configs needed to stop interference, at least for the v51-56 builds, after June12 so I will know, or have figured out, how to keep foreign hands off my browser.

We are using old versions to stay out of reach; why can't you just respect that ?

This is not to say that some people do want this level of protection, and that some people want to be caged and forced to "eat their vegetables" - but we should have a CHOICE to opt out of these, IMHO, intrusive idiocies

A feature without an OFF switch is a Defect.

Richard Hill

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sorry for that extension bar. i don't know how that got there - it was not in my preview. It reads:

I can download files and view/download .pdf's, audio and video, and all my installed extensions including ones that were blocked remain active and usable.