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firefox changes fonts to new ones i install

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whenever i install fonts onto my computer, firefox changes many elements in many webpages to those fonts. this is exteremely frustrating, because i install wacky fonts, so i end up not being able to read anything… in the omnibar the font is set to what i installed 2 times ago. so right now its "EPSON 太丸ゴシック体B". heres a pic: https://i.imgur.com/aJca75i.png

but for other things like japanese, i get this https://i.imgur.com/BundcfM.png (its the font i just downloaded) if you can read japanese then ull know that its completely illegible unless if u know cursive very well inspect element for this cursive font gives `font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;` and if i hover over it the popup shows the font as EPSON 太丸ゴシック体B (which it also shouldnt show…), but it actually renders the cursive font………

all my font settings in about:config are reset to default but nothing changed

please help

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i actually had everything on the default (as i said in the question), but everything switched back to EPSON 太丸ゴシック体B today even though i didnt do anything… weird. i still dont want everything to be EPSON 太丸ゴシック体B tho, so i still want an answer.

i just switched over every single font in every language to arial and nothing changed (everything is still EPSON 太丸ゴシック体B…)

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