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Can Firefox unzip, zipped .htm files on the fly ?

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Hello I have some older cisco CDs, where, except for the 1st home.htm, ALL the .htm files on it are zipped. Cisco started doing this, to save space back when a HDD was less than 1GB, back about 1997. After this, all the Documentation CDs had to be run/viewed thru the AUTOPLAY.exe 1st, then 'Launch CD' (which ran LAUNCHIT.EXE I think) which put an unzipper in memory so that whatever browser you chose (on the next screen) woudl have every .htm file unzipped b4 it was passed on to the Browser.

What I want is to copy the ENTIRE CD to my HDD and view it w/o using the CD.

So, what I need is a Plug-in or ? so I can unzip all the .htm's within Firefox.

I've tried posting some messages to 7Z about copying the entire CD to the HDD all the while unzippign .htm's on the fly. I was told 7z can't do it.

I used to program in C, do I have to write a program to do this ?

Seems simple enough... - find all .htm files below a certain Directory, and unzip them, using the same name, appending a unique number or letter (like -old) to the filename as the new unzipped file has to have the same name as the original.

Simple. But I haven't programmed in decades and don't even have a compiler on my PC, yet :)

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mikey777 said

Would it work on bzip2 files also ?

not at the moment but it can be changed

Does you program retain the original filename.extension ?


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Ok, well I need to learn what exactly is python, after doing some other things it seems. Seems as if FFOX doesn't look at the file Magic Numbers after all, so...maybe I'll go back to writing a C program, who knows. This will end up in the Undone Pile.

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