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Recieved an email saying my account accessed by "Firefox of "myname" on "myname’s" iMac (MacOS 10.13)"

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Clearly Firefox is giving out my full name to everyone - this has to be the least secure browser on earth.

How can I stop this?

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Hi, would suggest you do not answer the email. It could be a spoof.

You have not provided enough info to know such as what the raw headers look like from sent, what the topic of it is.

No one from Mozilla would be accessing your account.

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Hi & thanks, the email is genuine from Roboform.

Don't know what "raw headers" are - sorry - how do I find and send?

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Maybe that information - "Firefox of "myname" on "myname’s" iMac (MacOS 10.13)" - is coming from Roboform due to you registering for their service using "myname" and the "Firefox plus Mac OS 10.13 is from your User Agent string in Firefox when you registered with Roboform.


Every web site you go to can see the User Agent that is used at the web site; the web browser being used and the OS & version being used. This forum does similar too, to help provide supportl and displays the UA in the More System Details to the right-side of your initial posting when you start a new support thread via "Ask a Question". BUT, "my name" isn't part for the UA string, which is why I feel Roboform came up with that info from a registration process to use their service.