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how do i stop the sign-in for sync on my phone? I do not want it.

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Continually pestered when trying to use Firefox to "account?action=signin" prompt window to Sign In to Firefox Sync. I do not want to sync with anything. How do I get out of this window (besides ignoring it...though it continually comes back)? Going to Tool only gets me Downoads, Logins and New Guest Session. Nothing to get rid of Sync. Google Nexus 5X. (And I hate using Chrome!)

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Not an expert here; but try deleting the firefox account in android/accounts, if there is one

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Do you not get the idea that I generally LIKE Firefox - and I prefer it to Chrome - and the idea is not to delete Mozilla's Firefox, but to avoid having to now - and it is a new thing - to sign in for synch and synch my phone? Not a good response to what I asked. I thank you, however, for your attention.

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Deleting the ACCOUNT in Android/Settings, if it's there, will not delete Firefox. The account is a sync account. If there's no account for you to sign in to, it shouldn't keep asking you to sign in. Worked for me. Just trying to help