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How can I install firefox on my Samsung smart TV.

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What version of Firefox will work on my Samsung Smart TV? If available, how do I get it installed on the TV?

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Hi, you would have to check if you can run something like Firefox with Samsung. You maybe able to run Firefox as a portableapps.com from a USB drive, but does your TV come with Anti-virus and malware protection. It would not be good if bricked your TV.

Why not just hook your computer to the TV with a USB cable and use it as a monitor through input. If want surround sound through whatever you have you would need to check if video card has the right port for the cable as well as the sound system or if have the ports off the motherboard to use radio plugs.

There are several ways to get sound.

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Thank you for this. I wish to use the web browser on the TV for direct access to internet content. The browser on the TV does not support many services such as my music play list on Amazon Prime. There are other wishes as well. I have spent considerable time trying to find a solution. The only thing I can see is to have Firefox as my browser on the TV since the error message is always "your web browser does not support this service."

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Ignore the suggestion of using portable Firefox on the Samsung TV as it is Only for Windows. It is called portable because it uses a launcher with Firefox being more self contained to even run completely off a usb flash drive on Windows.

More recent Samsung Tv's uses a Tizen OS which is a OS Mozilla has not made any version of Firefox for.

You probably can hook up a PC with Windows or Linux by hdmi then you can use Firefox on the Tv regardless of brand of TV. Note that some Tv's if not calibrated may have overscan and not fit the desktop completely on screen at the edges. I did try on a Samsung 55" 7600 that was not calibrated hopwever it did recognize the PC as a computer and fully fit the Linux OS desktop on screen.

Or a tablet or smartphone to the Tv either by connecting or casting to then be able to use a web browser. Or use some streaming media player device.