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Verify and Activate Emails Loop Endlessly and Do Not Allow for Sync

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Hello! I have a Firefox sync account so I can easily access bookmarks and whatnot when I travel clinic to clinic for work. While my account works fine on my main computer I typically use day-to-day when not traveling, whenever I try to log in to a new computer somewhere else, it does not work. I get the verification email, which I click to verify, then it says I have to activate it. I click the activate button in the new email, then it tells me I have to verify my email again. It becomes an endless loop of verifying and activating without actually verifying my email and allowing me to completely log in and sync to my new computer. This has happened on multiple computers in varying locations over a long period of time. Does anyone have any answers as to why this happens and what I can do to fix it? Am I doing something wrong on my end? It is quite an inconvenience to not be able to access what I need because syncing won't work. I appreciate any help given. Thank you!

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Are you saying that you are connecting to your Sync account on computers that you don't own and are merely using temporarily?

That isn't a good thing to do because your personal data gets synchronized to that device permanently - Sync doesn't only allow access to your information, it sends your data to that computer and that data doesn't disappear when you log off of Sync and walk away from that computer.

No big deal for bookmarks, but what about Saved Logins? You may have been "sharing" your passwords with every person who used that computer after you connected your Sync account to that computer.

And Sync doesn't provide "internet access" to your view your data online as with the now defunct Xmarks. Not something that was really ever considered as a feature of Sync; mostly due to the encryption scheme used with Sync services.

Overall, if you need your bookmarks from Firefox while you are traveling my advice is to export your bookmarks in HTML format to a USB Flash drive before you leave town and then open that HTML file in any browser to be able to use them. That is assuming that the computer that you want to use allows users to plug-in a USB device and view the contents of that "external drive"; but security conscious operations may block the use of plugin USB drives in that manner.