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The FreeBSD 10.3 packages for firefox and thunderbird do not work

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FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p18 dbus-1.10.14_2 firefox-54.0,1 thunderbird-52.2.1 sqlite3-3.14.1_1

starting either gets:

     The application has been updated, but the SQLite library wasn't updated
     properly and the application cannot run. Please try to launch the
     application again. If that should still fail, please try reinstalling it,
     or visit

firefox-47.0.1,1 and thunderbird-45.2.0 work. In general since FreeBSD 6 updating any of the packages required by these products break them. This is just the lastest example.

I did not add browse information chrome is being used because it works.

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The link; times out.

However, this link works;

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You would have to find an SQLite package update to be able to use current Firefox releases if that is what the complaint is about. Otherwise you would have to stay with a Firefox/Thunderbird version that works with the currently installed SQLite package if you can't update to a more recent FreeBSD version (don't know about this).

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Thank you both for your replies. I was not clear with the info on the post. is the hostname of my workstation. It is on a local LAN behind several firewalls, so not reachable. This issue is split between the philosophy of the FreeBSD package update system and the design philosophy (as I understand it) of the firefox developers. There must be similar concerns with Linux but I am only addressing FreeBSD. If you go back to circa 2000 packages tended to be self contained. Now Xorg has about 180 dependencies and firefox has 42. xfce has 340. The firefox package as installed by the FreeBSD package system requires that at least two components be backdated. I have identified dbus and sqlite3.

It has to be considered a bug that in a from scratch system if I install firefox, it does not work. First the error is not correct. There is nothing wrong with the sqlite3 package, it is simply a newer version. Firefox requires an older version. Fixing this problem in source requires detailed internal knowledge of many components since the other 15+ packages are fine with sqlite3 as installed.

I hit this issue because I wanted to update the xfce file manager. This updated several components. The way I should be able to fix this is to build firefox from source. That failed because the current version of the source does not work with at least one shared dynamic component.

Mozilla's FAQ suggests just go to the latest that will fix it. Not so guys. The Xorg folks (219 dependencies) manage to do okay in that on a given date and phase of the moon I can install Xorg and it works unless there is a video card support issue.

As things stand it seems to me the answer is chrome and claws-mail.

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