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Can't find correct bookmarks in Mozilla/Profile/5ccmq06e.default

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Hello. I found some of my bookmarks in Appdata/Roaming/Mozilla/Profile/5ccmq06e.default/bookmarkbackups etc just like firefox help tells me. But some of the bookmarks that I can access when I use firefox browser are not contained in "bookmarkbackups". Thus obviously begs the question(s) 1) where else are my bookmarks for firefox stored, & 2), if this is the only place they are stored, then why are some of my saved bookmarks visable/accessable when using the firefox browser not included in this bookmarkbackups folder? Thank you.

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In real time, bookmarks are created in and used as part of a database file named places.sqlite which has your bookmarks and history together. The files in bookmarkbackups are created at regular intervals, assuming Firefox is working normally.

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Hi jscher2000. Thx for the reply. I did a search on my windows 7 machine for places.sqlite, and it led me right to 5ccmq06e.default/bookmarkbackups. I assume it is the same bookmarkbackups you wrote above, and the same one I already visitied. But as I mentioned already, when I went inside bookmarkbackups, the bookmarks were were not up to date (over 3 weeks of new additions and none are found there). Thus Firefox must not be "working normally". Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

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Try creating a manual backup to see whether it works or crashes. This article has the steps (to avoid data loss, please ignore the restore section, just try the backup steps):

Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer

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By the way, how are you checking the bookmarks listed in the backup (.jsonlz4) files? Or is the problem you can see that they are too out-of-date to have your recently added bookmarks.