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PDF's not scaling from version 48.

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I have an issue with the scaling feature before printing on Firefox 48.0.2. I have a long PDF without any page breaks and I have to scale it down to 70% to fit my a4 paper in the Firefox Print preview. It seems to stuck on fit to width of page. I was able to do this in previous versions of Firefox. It only affects PDF with the built in viewer. Webpages I'm able scale down. I have tried to reset Print settings on different computers and windows versions. Here's a link to the PDF. http://www.biggun.com.au/pdf/Big%20Gun%20Ad%20Week%20start%207.9.2016.pdf

In the page setup at Print Preview there is a “shrink to fit page width” check box, In future versions it should include “Shrink oversized pages” like in Adobe Acrobat.

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I agree that neither Shrink to Fit nor 100% nor any other scaling seems to be applied to that PDF.

I can't tell whether this is an intended behavior or a glitch.

Some aspects of the viewer's development are handled by a group of cross-platform developers who work from issues filed here:


Other aspects are handled by Firefox developers who work from issues filed here:


There is some overlap, so I think you could try filing a bug on either site and someone will triage it and let you know if the other team should be handling it. I'd probably start with the Bugzilla system.