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How to host add-on source for extensions inside the enterprise?

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We would like to create an add-on source site within our enterprise. If we configure the browsers to only use this source for extensions, this would allow us to control the add-ons available to our users. I have found the configuration settings in the Firefox browser to set the URL for extensions (extensions.getMoreExtensionsURL). I am unable to find any documentation on how to set up the server. Is there anything available? Has anyone else done this?

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I am open to other recommendations on how companies are controlling access to add-ons/Extensions. Input is appreciated.

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Sorry I do not have a proper answer. Your proposal may help, depending on what problems you have.

That would not stop someone adding whatever they like unless you also block access to the extensions, and prevent users adding any file locally that they could then install.

You could probably recreate the whole addon server if you wished then populate it with what you wish.

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Thank you for the response. I am hoping that someone has first hand experience with creating a private add-on server.

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It may help if others know more about your aims. For instance are you intending to host

  1. Just a handfull of add-ons or even only add-ons you have developed yourself
  2. Or are you needing a full blown server offering most of the thousands of AMO add-ons but with some specific addons or categories absent.

I imagine the first sort of scenario probably does not need much more than having the files available, or Firefox could be deployed with the add-ons. Whilst the latter scenario would probably need to mirror the AMO server.

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We would like to host a reduced set of add-ons that we approve for usage within our organization. We would not want to mirror the entire AMO site. For example, we would probably not want to host even some large categories such as Themes or Search Providers. We would also not include all of the items in the Extensions category either.

From an architecture perspective, we would like to utilize the configuration settings with Firefox to point to this hosting source instead of the public source for "Get Addons" and to pull updates to Addons.

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These seems like the best resources for further questions looking for first-hand experience:

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