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Im looking a way to turn a tab INTO a popup window

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Im looking for a way to take a tab turn it into a popup window.

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As a Firefox user:

You can "tear off" a tab in two ways:

  • click on the tab and drag downwards, and Firefox should move it to a new window
  • right-click the tab and choose Move to New Window

However, if you are tearing the tab off from a maximized window, the new window also will be maximized rather than a resizable window that would be more like a pop-up.

As a website:

You can bypass the normal setting of diverting a new window to a new tab by specifying features of the window, for example, by setting a size. This demo page has examples: https://jeffersonscher.com/res/popit.html

Firefox does have a hidden preference users can change in about:config (browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction) to override the "features" exception and force even those windows into a new tab.

This could be why more sites are using in-page overlays rather than pop-ups, to ensure that dialogs appear in a useful manner.