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How do I separate my Mozilla and my Firefox usernames and passwords, to stop account sign in problems?

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I'd used Firefox & Mozilla almost exclusively for years. Don't ask, I just wound up gravitating toward Chrome. Just a phase, guys, but both have their pros and cons.

Weaving and bobbing along the way, and through 3 laptops, I have somehow accumulated THREE usernames, a Firefox AND Mozilla account, 3 passwords, and mass confusion. Needless to say, merely signing in to either Mozilla OR Firefox, none of my "combinations" seem to be behaving anymore, and I merely need to, once and for all, get all of my little ducks in a row. Narrowing the choices seems to be a good starting point, yes?

I have more issues than the ones listed here, including how I've managed to gather together a large number of "clone" icons for all of my bookmarks, and lose all of their normal icons?

I notice above at this time, I am signed in as kleinscmidt, which is the first, oldest username I've had here. Associated password? Not certain. Where can you guys point me, that, unlike myself, would be the right direction?

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Until recently every Mozilla sub-domain / website had their own system for registration and logins database, nothing was connected to anything else.

Currently there is movement toward unifying all Mozilla Services under Firefox Accounts - FxA.

Add-ons support website ('discourse'), Bugzilla, and the Add-ons (for downloads) website have been already changed to use Firefox Accounts. The others (I hope) will follow in the near future.

Not sure what you mean by "clone" icons in your bookmarks. Are you using an extension to generate a favicon for a bookmark that didn't save a Favicon?

Or maybe your Places database is corrupted? Where the Favicon for one bookmark got 'flip / flopped' with the Favison for another saved bookmark.

Look in Options > Security - > Saved Passwords --> Show Passwords to see your password for - this fora website.

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You can inspect and manage the user names and passwords in the Firefox Password Manager.

  • Options/Preferences -> Security: Logins: "Saved Logins" -> "Show Passwords"

For what Mozilla domains do you have a saved name and password?

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Thanks to everyone that has replied, to try (AGAIN) to give a guiding hand down the Internet highway. I keep missing my turns, and keep having to go back and re-trace my steps! LOL

I have, in Options / Security / Passwords...FOUR accounts associated with Mozilla and Firefox ( together ). Opened up, they reveal the passwords...and pages that they are used on, ( I am guessing that any particular webpage is a domain )?? "Domain" will need to be explained a little more, please. Yes, I am a prime example of a newbie, even though I've had computers for years!! LOL

There is a chrome://FirefoxAccounts ( Firefox Accounts Credentials ) together with a password that could have only been computer generated. It SURELY isn't one I would come up's a mile long, and at the very top of the list.

Also listed in the Options/Security/Password dialog box, I have 3 (three) other Mozilla/Firefox accounts with saved usernames and passwords. They read, and, and, with the latter having its own unique username / password.

Don't ask. It just came out of the dryer that way... ;>=)

I'm not sure how many of those I'll keep, OR how many I'll NEED to.

By "clone"icon, I was referring to the same "generic-looking" globe icon, just like the one at the top of this page, beside the word "English",next to all of my bookmarks,( most of them, anyway ). In Chrome, AND Firefox ( when IT was my default browser ), every one of my bookmarks had some kind of identifying logo beside of it. They are that way still in Chrome, but not Firefox. There actually are lots and lots of things I need to change around here...simply because Chrome is getting under my skin now, not to mention it is a very large program, that can use up PLENTY of memory AND power.

Thank you very much for all of everybody's input. I am grateful, and do hope that my myriad of issues doesn't end up keeping ANY OF US up all night, as it were.


more options is a sub-domain of as is Each is considered a separate website.

chrome://FirefoxAccounts ( Firefox Accounts Credentials )

That is separate from website passwords. It is used for encrypting the data getting transferred to the Sync server and to decrypt that data as it returns to Firefox on the local device. And that is actually two "passwords" - kA and kB - both of which were generated automatically inside of Firefox and based upon the password the user used when setting up the Firefox Account - FxA. doesn't use Firefox Accounts username and password, that is still separate. is Firefox Accounts. will automatically ask for the user's Firefox Account information when that user goes to login to that sub-domain. That website was converted to Firefox Accounts earlier in June or late in May of this year.

That generic icon replaced the dotted rectangle which was previously used to appear when a bookmark didn't have an icon. That changes came with Firefox 46 or 45.

I tried Chrome years ago and got rid of it within a month of installing it. Chrome has a an "update" .exe running whenever the PC is turned on, not only when Chrome is running. Google has its fingers in too much, don't want to give them the opportunity to 'look over my shoulder' at will. Not only does Google have the ability to spy on internet users, they can spy via satellite, and via their "street view", which also surreptitiously collects WiFi MAC addresses to use with their various services. "They know where you live" if you're using wireless devices! I think that Google has better data collection capabilities that the NSA has, and considering that Google has had a long standing working relationship with NASA (yeah, one more letter than NSA) for parking three aircraft owned by the founders of Google. Let you conspiracy theories run wild with that ...

Google operates Moffett Field (a former naval air field that was decommissioned on July 1, 1994), a joint civil-military airport in Santa Clara County between southern Mountain View and northern Sunnyvale, California. And in Nov 2014 Google signed a 60 year lease with NASA for continued use of Moffet Field. And Google has so many aircraft in their 'squadron' they need two airports to park them all. Moffet Field and Mineta San Jose, now.

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The chrome://FirefoxAccounts entry in the password manager stores the authentication data (kA and kB) in JSON format. The signedInUser.json file in the profile folder stores the sessionToken that is used once you have logged on successfully. There may also be a password stored in the Password Manager for the Firefox Sync account ( website) if you directly sign in to this website.

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I want to thank all who have saw fit to login here to help. I am certain that I have MORE than enough information to keep me very busy. I am still in processes of changing everything from computers and browsers, I've seen far too much instability out of Chrome lately, that I can barely take a glimpse or 2 at the news.

The major problems, ( at least, the ones that you guys here consider major ) are MONUMENTAL for me, and take a lot more time. I used to go exclusively Mozilla Firefox, but even then, with the mountain of versatility one has access to here is as much, and probably much more than I've troubled myself to discover with Chrome.

As I slowly continue to understand how Mozilla / Firefox work, hopefully nothing creeps up on me that cannot be solved.