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Flash player ( is blocked by Firefox, recognized as Flash (

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I have updated flash plugin to, but firefox still recognize it as ( (both in about:plugins and https://www.mozilla.org/plugincheck/, and blocks it.

http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer shows "You have version 11,2,202,577 installed". (after unblock flash for this visit).

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If you have both on system then that could explain older version message. If Firefox was still running when you replaced previous Flash version with current then that would explain block of older version.

Either type in about:plugins (should update version it finds) after new Flash Player version install if Firefox was running or quit Firefox and start it again.

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Did you exit/quit Firefox and start it up again? That might be necessary to trigger Firefox to refresh its list of plugins found on your system.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention: your Firefox identified itself to the forum as version 34. Is that correct?

Version 34 is not secure; Mozilla discloses security flaws after each new release. Is something holding you back from upgrading to Firefox 45? Please let us know so we can suggest solutions or workarounds.

If Help > About Firefox shows Firefox 45.0, you may need to clear the preference that is misreporting your version number. See: How to reset the default user agent on Firefox.