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Can't scroll back more than 30 min. worth of posts in facebook

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When I'm catching up on fb and scroll down the page, I reach a place (usually about 30mins worth of posts in - though sometimes more and sometimes less) where it looks like it's trying to load the next post and the little icon spins and spins but it never loads. I have cleared history.

I have restarted firefox in safe mode. I have refreshed firefox. None of those helped.

I get the same problem whether I'm at home using wifi or at work using a secure university network so I do not think it's my computer or network.

I have win10 at home - I do not get the problem using Edge (but who wants to do that??).

I have win7 at work and do not get the problem if I use Chrome (but, again, who wants to do that?)

Given that I encounter the problem on different computers (home = laptop, home wifi, win10 vs. work = desktop, secure university network, Win7) and do not get it using other browsers on either of those machines, it seems like it must be a firefox problem or some interaction between firefox and facebook - yes??

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p.s. I did see the previous question - the answers did not resolve the problem.