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firefox hangs on website but other browsers don't

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The past couple days firefox is consistently hanging when I try to open one particular website, where I have never had issues before. I can open the website fine with Internet Explorer. I tried refreshing Firefox, tried clearing the cache and cookies and tried unchecking the "use hardware acceleration when available," but none of these helped. What can I try next to troubleshoot this? I am running Windows Vista and Firefox 41.0.

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What is the particular website? We've identified an issue with Adobe Flash Player 19 that may be causing this. I see that you have Adobe Flash Player 19 installed.

If you provide the site and we can reproduce the issue, we may be able to help Adobe fix this quicker.


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Thank you very much for the reply. It actually went beyond one website and started happening on many, including nationalreview.com and salon.com. I think I found the problem. I went into my Add-ons Manager and started testing my different plug-ins and found that the Shockwave Flash plugiin seemed to be the problem. I have deactivated that plugin, and now everything seems to work fine again. But when I checked my plugins for updates, it tells me my current plugin (Shockwave Flash is up to date. Will I need that plugin? So far I have not noticed any problems since I deactivated it.