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Bad news: can't turn off javascript, why not?

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According to a moderator, the check box to disable javascript is no longer available (at least on Mac OS/X 10.6) They ask what you need it for.

Answer to them: javascript in every open window is a CPU hog, and as a consequence is a battery killer. I monitor CPU use and battery use constantly.

I typically have from 10 to 40 windows open simultaneously (if you have to ask why, you are not a serious computer user). If all of them are running javascript, it kills my battery life (and general system performance). I now use Safari, which lets me turn off javascript and thus reduce system load dramatically, and save battery life.

It is a REALLY STUPID decision to take away control of javascript. Javascript is used mostly for gathering information about the system user (not anything I care to help) and is a waste of my computer CPU load. I would like to turn it off for most windows and keep it on only where it is really necessary (like e-commerce sites).

I continue to use firefox for some browsing (for reasons I won't go into, I like to have multiple browsers).

So keepers of the Firefox design, who made the really stupid decision to take away control of javascript?

David, Ph.D. Computer Science

Apologies for the angry tone of this post, but this makes me angry.

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hello dave802, you can turn on/off javascript through the javascript.enabled preference in about:config. for added convenience use an addon like quickjava: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/quickjava