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How do I get rid of the title words and only have icons on the bookmarks toolbar?

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The title words are too long and take up too much space, so I have to go to a drop down on the right to see the rest of my bookmarks - it's annoying, when I already know who they are, I don't need to see the words....Thanks for any help.

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Right click on the individual bookmark. Under "Properties" delete(or abbreviate) the "Name".

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Right click on the individual bookmark. Under "Properties" delete(or abbreviate) the "Name".

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No way to just set a preference so they already don't have the words when I save them? Thanks for the response, it will work; and that's all that really matters - it's just annoying to have to do them one at a time (am I techno-lazy or what?! Spoiled!  ;-) )

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You can do that with code in userChrome.css or the Stylish extension. You can use one of the two lines posted below.

Add code to the userChrome.css file below the default @namespace line.

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */

/* use this to remove the text of all bookmarks */
#PlacesToolbarItems > .bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-text {display:none!important}

/* use this to remove the text of normal bookmarks and leave the text for folders */
#PlacesToolbarItems > .bookmark-item:not([container]) > .toolbarbutton-text{display:none !important}

The customization files userChrome.css (user interface) and userContent.css (websites) are located in the chrome folder in the Firefox profile folder.

  • Create the chrome folder (lowercase) in the <xxxxxxxx>.default profile folder if this folder doesn't exist
  • Use a plain text editor like Notepad to create a (new) userChrome.css file in the chrome folder (file name is case sensitive)
  • Paste the code in the userChrome.css file in the editor window
  • Make sure that the userChrome.css file starts with the default @namespace line
  • Make sure that you select "All files" and not "Text files" when you save the file via "Save file as" in the text editor as userChrome.css.
    Otherwise Windows may add a hidden .txt file extension and you end up with a not working userChrome.css.txt file

You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show Folder (Linux: Open Directory; Mac: Show in Finder)

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I have a very heavy toolbar and am familiar with most of the icons but there are a few that aren't at all obvious and I do find it helpful to have an occasional abbreviation rather than a blank.

A toolbar with only icons can be a little difficult to find your way around.

I use folders on the toolbar as a great space saver. Group like-websites by right clicking on toolbar and then "new folder", naming them "Media", "Sports", "Weather", "Travel" or whatever. Using this method can involve an extra click but it is much easier to find things as well as save space.

Additional Thought Names of bookmarks in the folders don't need any immediate editing but I would definitely recommend progressive abbreviation.

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