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Delete a Profile

I need to get rid of a profile and all emails for that profile. Can anyone help?
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How to Access an archived profile within a fresh profile

Hello everyone, I have 2 mail address in thunderbird: 1) 2) since 2012 i use this 2 mail address and they are quit full, profile sizes are large like 5-10 gb and thunderbird keep giving "STMP is full" alerts and i have to open subdirectories for inbox, sentbox and even for trashbox. Because i don't want none of the old data to be lost, and i want to keep tarck of all old mail records, that's why i don't clean even the trashbox, unless it is necessary. But i think this is not an efficient way for controlling the size of mail accounts. And i don't know another way, so what i ask whether below is possible: -For both account can i have a clean, fresh inbox, but at the same time have the copy of the old inbox within my "" account so i can access the old archive mails when needed ? (i especially want this because i know i will need the old records regularly) and i want that old inbox+sentbox+treshbox be accessible all the time. I read in mozilla forums that thunderbird keep records informations as profiles. So that means i can back-up my profile folder at a certain date and delet that profile and have a clean profile. That is fine, but at the same time i want my old backed-up inbox+sentbox+trashbox to be accessible within the same fresh account. Is that possible ? There is a default Archive folder in Thunderbird, and i don't use it much . But i think it has nothing to do with my above question, or am i wrong ? Because what i mean is to separate the old mails and have a fresh mail box, without any old data in it, but at the same time have the old profile within the account panel.
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