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How do I enable my cookies? Can seem to find Main Menu to get to the settings
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how to clear cookies in firefox?

how to clear cookies in forefox
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Firefox Deleting Session Cookies

Prior to the past couple of days (perhaps before the recent update to FF26), upon close, Firefox would delete all stored cookies except the ones related to tabs I had open at the time. When reopening Firefox, my session would be restored, and my logins to various sites would remain active. Recently this behavior seems to have changed. Despite browser.sessionstore.privacy_level being set to 0 and being set to 3, Firefox keeps deleting the cookies for my session. My history settings remain unchanged from what they were before I had the issue. I have Firefox set to accept cookies from sites, always accept third-party cookies, and keep them until I close Firefox. Under 'Clear history when Firefox closes', I have everything checked except for 'Browing & Download History'. If I change 'Keep until' to 'they expire' and uncheck cookies in the clear history settings, it will retain my session cookies, but it will also retain the cookies for websites not in my session. I have not installed any add-ons recently, and I have unsuccessfully tried every combination of history settings in an attempt to reach the previous behavior before this issue arose. Curiously, Firefox only seems to delete some cookies. For instance, it remembers my Google username, but not the password or the fact that I was logged in. It also remembers the login for this forum and keeps me logged in completely. On Twitch, it seems to delete all cookies, completely logging me out. I'm using Firefox 26 on Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks for any help.
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