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The Search bar is found to the right of the address bar. It lets you use the most popular search engines without having to visit their websites.

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  • To search, just type a term in the Search bar, press EnterReturn and Firefox will take you to the search results page.

Switching search engines

You can tell what search engine Firefox is using by the icon shown in the Search bar. By default, this is Google but you can change that at any time.

  • To switch search engines, click the down arrow next to the current search engine icon and select a new one.
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By default, Firefox includes the following search engines, each one suited to a specific type of search:

  • Google for searching the web via Google
    Note: The default Google search is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Yahoo for searching the web via Yahoo
  • Bing for searching the web via Bing
  • for searching the retail website
  • eBay for looking up items for sale or auction at eBay
  • Twitter for searching people on Twitter
  • Wikipedia (en) for searching the English Wikipedia free online encyclopedia
Note: The new search engine you select will continue to be used until you change it again.

Add a search engine from a website

Some websites offer search engines that you can add to Firefox. These search engines are specific to the website.

  1. For example, when you visit the YouTube website, the website offers a search engine that can be installed in Firefox.
  2. To add the site-specific engine, open the search engine list and select Add "YouTube Video Search". It will then be added to the list and become the active search engine.
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Note: The Mycroft Project gives you access to hundreds of different search engines all in one place. For example, this page lets you add any of the language specific Google search engines (like, or

Add a search engine through the search engines manager

In the search engines manager, you can add new search engines that have been released for use with Firefox.

  1. To open the search engines manager, click the search engine icon and select Manage Search Engines....
  2. To add a search engine, click Get more search engines.... The Mozilla Add-ons Search Tools page is displayed.
  3. To add one of the displayed search engines, click the Add to Firefox button. The Add Search Engine dialog is displayed.
  4. To begin using the search engine immediately after you add it, put a check in the box next to Make this the current search engine.
  5. To add the selected search engine, click Add.
  6. The search engine is now available through the search engines list in the Search bar.

Remove a search engine

  1. Click the search engine icon and select Manage Search Engines..., to open the search engines manager.
  2. To remove a search engine, select it from the list, and click Remove.

If you accidentally delete a default search engine, click Restore Defaults to recover the default search engines.

  • If you accidentally delete a search engine that you installed, you must re-install it.

Re-order search engines

  1. Click the search engine icon and select Manage Search Engines..., to open the search engines manager.
  2. In the search engines manager, select the search engine you want to move. To move it up in the list, click Move Up. To move it down, click Move Down.

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