Peramban mana yang dapat bekerja dengan Firefox Hello

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Firefox Hello has been removed from Firefox. Learn more.

Firefox Hello uses a technology called WebRTC to let you make video and voice calls on your browser.

Do my friends have to use Firefox to join my conversations?

No, they just need to be on a WebRTC-supported browser, like Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

Note: You will need Firefox to start new conversations or manage a contact list.

What if my friend's preferred browser isn't supported?

The technology Firefox Hello uses is open to other browsers that want to implement it. If your friend does not want to use a supported browser, they can contact their preferred browser's company and ask them to support WebRTC.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a technology project that lets you communicate instantly using only your browser - no other software needed!

WebRTC uses a simple set of rules (called API) that isn't limited to just one software program. Programmers can take this API and use it on other applications.

WebRTC is free and open to people who want to contribute or use the API on other projects. See the WebRTC project website to learn more.

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