Firefox OS carrier support contact information

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If you need help, service for your Firefox OS device, or if an app developer is unable to assist with your support request, please contact the carrier who you purchased it from.

Movistar Chile

  • From your phone: 103
  • From a land-line: 600 600 3000
  • On the web: Movistar Support

Movistar Colombia

Movistar España

Movistar Mexico

  • From your phone: *611
  • From a land-line: 01 800 888 8366
  • On the web: Mi Movistar

Movistar Peru

  • From your phone: *104 (toll free)
  • From a landline: (01) 790-0123
  • On the web: Movistar Support

Movistar Uruguay

Movistar Venezuela

T-Mobile Hungary

T-Mobile Poland

Telenor Hungary

  • From your phone: 1220
  • From a land-line: +36 20 200 0000
  • On the web: My Telenor

Telenor Montenegro

  • From your phone: 1188

Telenor Serbia

  • From your phone: 063/9000
  • By email:
  • On the web: Self-Care

Vivo Brazil

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