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can't get msn or hotmail with firefox but can with explorer,always used firefox before-what's up?

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started in safe mode but still can not get msn or my hotmail, just comes up with a blank page.Removed all cookies and cache and all add-ons are off. Removed foxfire and reinstalled to no avail. Have done everything all can think of but no way it will work yet if I go to Explorers the damn thing works.Any ideas?????

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Sorry you are having problems.

Both sites work ok for me using Firefox. That comment may not make you feel good but along with the fact that both sites work for you on IE it does tend to point to something rather specific on your computer affecting firefox.

I do notice quite a few questions recently about this. In many cases clearing the cache or just a Ctrl+F5 reload will help, along with clearing the cookies for that site.

I suppose malware could be the cause as this reply said /questions/944943#answer-413484 and for a other troubleshooting advice please have a look at suggestions in this short thread

Something you should try as an elimination step is booting with the F8 key into Windows Safe Mode with network support

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I note in a current related thread the problem was solved by powering off the router and computers.

See also

Read through the articles carefully they list most if not all likely causes of this sort of problem.