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.pdf file downloads as a .htm file

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I am trying to download a .pdf file from the website below, and have done so successfully before. However, I tried to open it again, and it showed up in the download list as a .html file. How can I fix this?

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That is because it is an error page:

Server Error:
We are unable to process the page you requested.
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Thanks for your reply, but it is not an error page. It is a link to download a .pdf document, but Firefox is ignoring the .pdf and recognizing it as a .html file.

Go to this website:


Scroll down to "Research Products" and click on the following link to the .pdf document.

The WWIS Network Collaboration: An Analysis of the Social, Economic, and Biophysical Environments Supportive of and the Historic Trends in Conflict and Cooperation in the Bureau of Reclamation’s Upper Colorado Region 1970-2005 By Mr. Nathan Eidem

Look at the dialogue box. It states:

"You have chosen to open ...19702005.pdf which is a: Firefox HTML Document from: http://www.usbr.gov

It states that it is a .pdf file, but Firefox sees it as a HTML Document. I was able to open this .pdf file with Firefox less than two months ago, but I suspect something is wrong with the browser update.

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Yes, the link that you post above does work and gives a page with content, but the other link gives this error page, so that page is no longer available.

Do you still have a page that links to that URL?