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Saved passwords and user names out of control! Sync control needed.

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I've used FF Sync a few years now. On many devices. I even somehow gotten my wifes FF sync info mixed into mine. Super old user names/passwords going back 3 -4 old ones pop up in selection.

So that issue and one more. I have a new laptop, which seems to have the last of my saved sync stuff. Currently I logged out for fear that a recently installed FF on ubuntu which has nothing on it would wipe it. I also have FF on android phone.

Here's what I hope top do, even if it means deleting FF on ubuntu and android, so that only FF on my new laptop is the only survivor. I beleive the FF browser cloud has zero saved user name/password info, so I'm afraid to sign in on my new laptop FF and what I have on it, which is what I want on FF cloud will get wiped by FF cloud?


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You can install the About Sync extension in Firefox 72 and newer on desktop to check what data is stored on the Sync server via the about:sync page provided by this extension.

Close and restart Firefox to access the about:sync page added by this extension (see the about:about page for possible about pages).

You can keep a backup copy of logins.json (logins) and key4.db (key file; encryption key) in the profile folder.

You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

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I signed out of 2 of my three FF accounts. The one on my mobile phone and on laptop with ubuntu; signed out and deleted all sync.

All I need to know is, are the items that I selected to sync on my win10 laptop FF, which is the only one active, considered the master, and if I sync it, does it send and update whats on the cloud, getting rid of anything in the cloud that isn't on my laptop? Thank you for your kindness in responding.