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Downloading a file gives me a part file but not rar archive (when I pause)

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Basically I've been downloading a 3.5gb file for the past 20 days (yes our internet is that slow), when I got to 3,302,185kb the download was stuck at 3.1gb but I paused it anyway since I needed to shut down the laptop. When I tried to resume later on (it kept saying that the file was 0 bytes) it failed immediately.

Now everytime I download the file (from the website) and pause it I can only see the .Part file but not the rar archive (which only appears when I resume the download). Problem is in this occasion, is that I want to copy+paste the 3,302,185kb .Part file which worked so far until today and when I do that (I pasted the rar archive once and didn't on the second time) it also fails again

Does someone know a trick or something so I don't have to download it again for a month?

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It is possible that the server doesn't support resume.

Does this happen with other files as well that you download?

It is usually a good idea to use an external download manager to download such large files, especially if you can't be sure to finish the download in one go and need subsequent Firefox sessions.

You can try these steps to resume an unfinished download when you still have the .part file.

  1. Move the old .part partial download and the final file without the .part that has size 0 to another location.
  2. Start a new download and pause it, don't close Firefox.
  3. Copy the two files (.part and 0 byte final) that you moved above back to the download location to replace the new files that were created.
  4. Resume the download in Firefox.
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As far as a "trick" goes, find a friend with a faster internet connection and have your friend download that file for you in like 15 to 20 minutes. Offer him a 6-pack for helping you and make sure you supply the flash stick for the download.

Or beg a patron at your local library who you see using his/her laptop to download that file for you. Just hand him/her a flash stick to save the file for you.

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I've tried using the copy+paste then resume trick in two different places but no luck. I've been hoping to see if someone had this problem before, I mean I've been doing the copy+paste then resume trick for 20 days now, something must have changed whether in Firefox or internet properties

As for the friend advice, let's just say I live in a 3rd world country. Last time I downloaded a file that large it took me several days. As for the external download manager, I have an issue with Internet Download Manager (It's a huge PITA) so I'm open to suggestions (must be free though, no trial)

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See this page for some Downloads Managers:

You can use the FlashGot extension to integrate an external Download Manager in Firefox.

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I Had this same problem too...try a different download manager, i would advice.