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Facebook messenger integration can't connect on Nightly.

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I re-enabled the Social API by changing the settings in about:config back to the defaults (I had previously disabled it). Now I have the Facebook icon, but the sidebar says "Nightly is unable to connect with Facebook Messenger right now.".

Additionally, if I click on the icon, the top item is "(i) Not Logged in", and clicking it just takes me to the Facebook main page.

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Have you followed all the steps at https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2012/10/22/help-us-test-the-social-api-with-facebook-messenger-for-firefox/ (including visiting the Facebook page to enable Facebook messenger?)

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Tyler, yes, I followed those instructions. I'm not sure what happened, but Firefox crashed last night (it is Nightly after all), and when I started it back up, Facebook was working. It might be a new version, or it might just be a fluke that needed restarting.

Either way, everything is working now!