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Launching Chatzilla sets Firefox to "Work Offline" mode

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Running Firefox 9.0.1, Chatzilla 0.9.88

After updating Firefox, and setting visual preferences, I attempted to launch Chatzilla, and received the error:

[ERROR] Firefox is in “offline mode”. No network connections can be made in this mode.

I had been loading sites fine before this, but checked, and was in Offline mode. Turned it off, then tested by closing and relaunching Chatzilla. I got the same error, and again was back in Offline mode. I have consistently replicated this error over a dozen times now, and the only way I can connect is by manually switching out of "Work Offline" mode, and then manually connecting to all IRC servers.

This has not happened before; I have been using Chatzilla for a very long time and have never encountered this issue. I cannot find any solutions for it anywhere, but it is an extremely consistent--and frustrating--error.

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Hello vicemage, have you tried reinstalling Firefox, and once again launch Chatzilla?


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I have done a restart to fix another update-related bug, but not a reinstall yet, when I'm not in the middle of other things I will try that.