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I am visually disabled and wish to set a default zoom level for web pages: how do I do this, please?

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I have found how to set zoom on a temporary basis for web pages but I have not managed to find instructions to set an automatic zoom level for future use or to save the zoom level on the pages where it is set.

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There is a few things you could try.

1) Type about:config in the location bar, hit Enter, filter for Browser.zoom.siteSpecific and set it to false (default is true).

2) Try to go to Tools -> Options -> Content, and set a larger font size there.

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Try one of the following Add-ons:

To set a larger font for the Firefox user interface, try --> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/theme-font-size-changer/

Also see --> http://www.accessfirefox.org/

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