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Firefox opens when I click on a hyperlink in an e-mail in my Outlook 2003 program, but does not go to the URL in the link. It used to work before I re-installed my MS XP Pro 64 bit OS. Help!

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At first, after I re-installed the OS, nothing would happen when I clicked on an e-mail hyperlink. So I went to Folder Options in Control Panel and associated Firefox with the E-mail file type. Firefox then opened when I clicked on a hyperlink in an e-mail, but just opens to the Firefox start page ("Blank page"). Firefox does not open the URL in the hyperlink. I need guidance as to how to restore this function which worked perfectly before I had to re-install the OS due to a corrupted program installer. I have run the MS Office Detect and Repair function twice--both times indicating that everything is fine--but it does not make a difference in fixing the Firefox function.

NEW: An attempt to click on the link in Security Center to go to Microsoft Update brings up an error message that reads: "The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context." I have no idea what this means, but I suspect it is related to the lack of ability to open Firefox to a link URL. See the uploaded screen print(JPEG) below.

UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED!! Searched on error message on line, solution fixed problem. THANKS ANYWAY

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