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igoogle says igoogle supports firefox 3 & 4, no mention of firefox 5. Is it true that iGoogle won't work well on 5.0?

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I don't know if this is a Firefox problem, an iGoogle problem, or a Norton Security Suite problem. Anyway...

Something changed on my computer last week. I mention Norton Security Suite--the application Comcast distributes for free to its customers--only because at about the same day it made several changes to itself, one of which had to do with login/password security.

The problem I have is that after working fine for years, my iGoogle homepage doesn't just pop up when I start Firefox 5.0. Instead it first shows me an iGoogle introductory page that includes a "Sign in" link. Clicking on that link calls up a sign-in page (where my login ID and password are presented) that requires a "Sign in" button click to finally show my hard-won iGoogle home page. This second screen has a "Keep me signed in" check box that is checked and used to work.

Javascript is enabled in Firefox, as are cookies and "Remember passwords for sites".

I'd expect if this is a problem with the Norton program, you would already have heard about it.

Any ideas? Thanks, Roger

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Starting today, I too find that igoogle fails to load properly in Firefox 5. Only the top and the bottom links and the search box will load. The content will not load. Not even the page background or the CSS will load. I do have a very slow connection, but it loads OK in Internet Explorer, it only fails in Firefox. Could this be part of a Google plot to kill Firefox?