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Crashing frequently

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Can someone help me fix recent frequent crashes ? This is just yesterday. I tried troubleshooting mode and it didn't happen there, although I didnt give it a long trial. I deleted all extensions, and I reset Firefox. Any ideas?

bp-78bbf7fb-3f18-46e1-94de-d905c0211101 10/31/21, 9:41 PM View bp-5cb5b831-449e-4322-9a9e-710180211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-3ebfce66-105b-4e4b-83ec-7c8ff0211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-8bdc92ef-03bf-49ad-945d-5afe50211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-45918706-804f-4603-9671-97c4a0211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-09f0ab0d-e132-4ada-bb22-7dd640211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-8cc2a647-4aac-4b06-8747-a181f0211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-07df9cae-d45a-4ce2-944c-c123e0211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-9cca543f-1c82-4fe9-979b-56a5f0211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-0b0f8e3f-6592-4ea4-9d23-179040211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-1175d7ce-ab80-4b6e-8dad-90cc50211031 10/31/21, 2:25 PM View bp-c5f88f0d-0419-44da-b058-fc7580211031 10/31/21, 2:24 PM View bp-73f726b5-cc90-474e-b7ac-e44df0211031 10/31/21, 12:20 AM View bp-deaea811-9e7a-409c-9eda-aa9600211030 10/30/21, 9:51 AM View bp-d045b5e5-b53d-43a7-8e06-1592c0201127

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bp-78bbf7fb-3f18-46e1-94de-d905c0211101 bp-3ebfce66-105b-4e4b-83ec-7c8ff0211031 = Uptime 50 seconds bp-8bdc92ef-03bf-49ad-945d-5afe50211031

Signature: __pthread_kill | pthread_kill | abort | gpusGenerateCrashLog.cold.1


Attention Sumos, there are 12 related bug reports

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Some of the above reports are too old to be useful

Another Mac user is having the same type of crashes; https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1355700

Several of the bug reports think this may be caused by an Apple update.

I called for more help.

What were you doing at the time of the crash? surfing, watching a clip, reading something . . . .

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Fred, I know its been 2 months. I figured it had something to do with Mac, but was unable to solve the problem. However the most recent Mac update did the trick! Thanks again for your help rsalins

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Glad to hear. Safe surfing.