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white start up screen of Firefox

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Firefox starts now with a total white screen for about 30sec before it starts loading my homepage ! and do not get why it is suddenly . It started after windows update what i straight away had to to disable cause of taskbar bug

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Start Firefox using Troubleshoot(Safe) Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Troubleshoot(Safe) Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?


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Hy Fred ty you for your response.. When i Start Firefox in safe mode the amount of time it does white screen is lot less but still there (about 5 to 8 sec) ..

I followed all steps with hardware acceleration disabling an disabling the add-ons no difference.

Only thing that is changed in FF is that i had to get the old look back in 89 and got the bookmark icons filled again instead of only outlined. but without those 2 adjustments the new FF  is not workable for me.

When i start FF i get a complete white screen that changes in top(after about 10sec) to a tiny small FF icon in left and some very small fine print(in red) in right top(- x and small square) for about a other 15 sec before it turns to the normal FF look and start loading Page(only part not seeing when doing in safe mode)

I will try to change the old look back to the not workable 89 and see if still have that problem as well the filled bookmark icons back to the terrible only outlined hard to work with and see it it still will start same way will put it in here later

Sorry for not doing it straight away but have no time to try to play around at moment with it


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ok so i still have the problem ... even tried the ctrl+n but that only works when Firefox already running.....meaning no use to start FF that way

Never had problem till my 88 got updated to 89 :(

going back to 88 hopefully FF will fix there 89 and up crappy changes so i can keep using it


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