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Google has taken over and won't let me use Firefox today

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I have been a Mozilla Firefox user for years, today I used CCleaner and since, have not been able to use Firefox as I wish. I downloaded a new Firefox Browser, installed it, was able to use it for a short while, but when I stopped using the computer for a while and came back to it, I can only get Chrome, and cannot get Firefox up and running again...I have even uninstalled Chrome in the control panel, but it is still popping up when I click on my Firefox icon!! Help!! FF is my default browser, has been for years!!

I have tried to attach a screenshot of Google on my computer, it won't let me attach it, no matter where I save it. How do I get them out of my computer? I need help!!

I have tried task manager, 7 instances of Firefox w/0% CPU, No instance of Chrome showing.

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Hi kthywin, the browser you posted with identified itself as Firefox. Maybe the issue is that the tab bar design changed completely in Firefox 89? Instead of having sharp-cornered connected tabs we now have a floating button with four rounded corners for the active tab. No other browser looks like that.

Are you noticing other changes that remind you of Chrome?