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Hladajće so wobšudstwa pomocy. Njenamołwimy was ženje, telefonowe čisło zawołać, SMS pósłać abo wosobinske informacije přeradźić. Prošu zdźělće podhladnu aktiwitu z pomocu nastajenja „Znjewužiwanje zdźělić“.

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in one of the recent previous versions it was possible to print the webpage e.g. to pdf. when there was a lot of other info/characters on the preview, you could choose to simplify the page and a lot of text over text was gone, now it that not possible anymore; print web pages is gobbled up to that the basic web text is not readable anymore. Would it be possible to get this 'simplify page' back on the new print window? I have not a screenshot with that option to show, sorry for that. Thank you in advance. Theo

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more options

Right now the "Simplify Page" option is missing in the print preview interface (it will be added in future). However, you can get the same result by enabling Reader View before you open print preview.

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