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Move cookies from Manage Data to Manage Permissions to allow auto sign in on specific sites

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In Manage Data, I can see which cookies are used by which sites. If I want to sign in to a specific site automatically while still generally deleting cookies when I turn off Firefox, then I need to list all the cookies used by that site in Manage Permissions as Allow. This is easy regarding sites that use cookies all with pme common domain, since you just enter the one domain name. Today I wanted to preserve cookies from a major newspaper, but I find at least five domain names in the cookies that I have to protect in order to enable auto sign-in for that one site. My suggestion is that there be some improved method for easily 'transfering' (rather than writing down and re-keying) selected cookie domains from Manage Data to Manage Permissions, instead of having to rekey them and make errors doing that. If I want to auto sign-in to 15 sites, but keep the controls set for deleting unprotected cookies when closing Firefox, I would have to enter perhaps 75 domains by hand. An alternative might be a column in Manage Cookies whereby I could check mark a cookie, thereby transfering it to show in Manage Permissions, perhaps as defaulting to Allow for Session. Then I could review them and if desired switch each to Allow.