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Why can't I use McAfee Web Advisor as an add-on?

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Hi all

I recently refreshed my Firebox browser and I can now no longer use McAfee WebAdvisor.

Really frustrated by this - I browse a lot for work and research. I find the WebAdvisor reassuring to have on-hand.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling WebAdvisor but it still does not show. I tried searching for it through the add-ons menu and it still does not appear.

I reached out to McAfee who told me that Mozilla no longer allows McAfee WebAdvisor on Firefox.

Is this actually, seriously the case? I'll be disappointed if so - Firefox is my preferred browser but I'll have to ditch it for Chrome if I cannot use a safe-search advisor. And it should be up to user which safe-search add-on they wish to use, not Mozilla.

Can anyone advise on this?

Many thanks!

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I think that other applications are not allowed to install addons. If you want this addon, just grab the addon xpi file and install it by yourself and it will be accepted.

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Thanks for your reply, appreciate it!

How does this work, though - ie "grab the addon xpi file and install it by yourself"?

Many thanks in advance!

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Save the xpi file and then drag that file into the Firefox browser window.

  1. Save the xpi by right-clicking the "Add to Firefox" button (or however it is worded at the source of the Firefox Add-on) and select "Save Link As ..."
  2. Save it to your desktop.
  3. Then "Restore Down" the browser window and drag that xpi file right into Firefox.
  4. When you release the left mouse button Firefox will check that file and it the file "checks out" with the approved "signature" Firefox will let you know that is about to install that add-on.
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Thanks for your help! This is mighty confusing, though. I can find neither an 'Add to Firefox' button nor a 'Save Link As' option. I'm not sure what 'Restore Down' means, either? Do you just mean make the window smaller and drop the file right in the middle of it?

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Is nobody from Mozilla able to help? Mighty frustrating that I cannot use the secure-search option that I want to use!

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Do you have the XPI file?

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I do, yes - or at least I think I do. It's the one in Programe Files, right? Downloaded it....

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So, enter about:addons in the URL bar and drag&drop the file on a page.

Or click Extensions on the left panel and click the gear icon and select Install Add-on From File…

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Thanks for your help - I now have the icon in my toolbar. It doesn't appear to be giving me the green ticks that I usually get when I search for sites but I guess that's more a problem for McAfee than Mozilla. Thanks folks.

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I have the same problem. How do I get or where do I get the xpi file referenced above? Thanks