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How going back to a facebook tab from another can take up to 10 sec !

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Dear Firefox people :-) When I have more than 1 tab open on Firefox, and one of them is FB, then a switch tab (normal switching time) to any kind of website, then when I try to go back to the FB tab, Firefox will freeze for a certain amount of secs until it appears and works fine, then if go back any other tab it switches instantly, and then gain if I go back to the FB tab : freezing then FB tab comes back and works. A little delay for an heavy page, well why not, but the problem is that it increases depending of how much I scrolled down this Facebook page ! sometimes it can take up to 10 15 sec for the FB tab to come back to life ! this problem does not occur when FB is the only tab in a window and other tabs are in another window, no delay when switching window to window. Context: I use firefox 53 now but it's doing this for like more than 6 months, and I can reproduce the issue anytime, I use Firefox sync on two different machines : a Macbook pro mid 15 (I7 Radeon 16gb SSD) and a PC windows 10 (updated, I7 Geforce 9Gb 10000RPM system drive) and the problem appears on both machines.

Thanks for your help.