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Mozilla offers a 7-day free trial of Mozilla VPN when you sign up for the 12-month plan, so you can check all the features of a paid subscription. You can cancel at any time before the set free trial ends with no charge.

Note: Users can sign up for the 7-day free trial through mobile devices only.

These are the steps you need to follow to start your free trial:

  1. Download Mozilla VPN on your device if you haven’t already.
  2. Open Mozilla VPN.
  3. Tap Sign up.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Create a password for your Firefox account.
  7. Tap Create account.
  8. Enter the verification code sent to your email.
  9. You’ll be taken to a screen with the available plans to purchase. After selecting the 12-month plan, tap Subscribe now and complete your purchase.
  10. If this is your first time logging in on this device, you may be prompted to accept/deny data collection. For more information, see our Data Privacy Policy.
  11. Mozilla VPN is now ready to use.
Note: You can sign up for the free trial with your existing Firefox account credentials as long as the account hasn't been used in the past to subscribe to Mozilla VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my free trial end?

Your free trial ends on the 7th day after your initial purchase. You can check the date in the subscription management section of your Android or iOS app store.

Who is eligible for a free trial?

New users on mobile devices who have not previously subscribed to Mozilla VPN on mobile or desktop.

How do I cancel before my trial ends?

Please refer to subscription management instructions of your Android or iOS app store.

What happens if I cancel during my trial?

If you cancel during your free trial, you will lose access to Mozilla VPN and be unable to use the service going forward. Reactivating your account will not give you the remainder of time on your previous free trial.

Do I have to subscribe for a minimum length of time?

The 7-day free trial is only available if you subscribe to the 12-month plan. You can cancel at any time before the set free trial ends with no charge.

Why was I charged if there is a free trial?

Only first-time subscribers qualify for the free trial. (Users who had previously subscribed to Mozilla VPN with an Apple ID or Google Play account won't be able to sign up for the free trial using the same app store credentials). If you subscribe and are not eligible for the free trial, you will be charged for a normal subscription.

I accidentally canceled my free trial, can it be reactivated?

Unfortunately, once the trial is canceled, we are unable to reactivate it for you. If you’d like to regain access, you can resubscribe by following these instructions.

What if I have an issue with my payment?

The Mozilla VPN team does not have access to any payment information of subscriptions purchased via the App Store or Google Play Store. For more assistance, you would need to contact one of those teams.

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