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Using 4 Home Page Tabs and query re their use during browsing sessions.

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(Note: A version of this posting was previously posted into someone else's request for help, as I believed I had a similar type of query, but I have decided to post separately in order to obtain any help and advice with my own issues and queries.)

My query relates to the use of the Home button in the FF browser during these sessions.

For the purposes of clarity I'll explain firstly how my browsing sessions usually begin.

For my use, I have 4 tabs set up as home pages - each tab being set to a different web address, as I always use all 4 websites initially whenever I start any browsing sessions.

So, when I start up FF I get my 4 tabs all opened to their respective web addresses.

I then use those 4 tabs during my session, opening and closing various new or old tabs as my browsing session progresses. At times this may include my closing of one or more of the original 4 tabs that were opened when FF was first started.

My query relates to what happens when I wish to go to my home pages again in order to use them again during the session.

On clicking the Home button, the current page that I am on goes to the first Home Page that has been setup and a new set of 3 tabs open up, each going to their respective web address.

It doesn't matter which of the existing tabs that I am on, even if on the first tab displayed onscreen FF still opens up 3 new tabs.

I know that If I only had 1 Tab set as a Home Page then by clicking on the Home button the current page that I was on would goto the Home Page address.

So here is my initial question :-

Q1. Why aren't existing tabs used to go to the home pages when more than 1 Home Page is set up?

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As explained in the other thread where you posted, that is the way it works; one tab is reloaded with the first homepage and three new tabs are opened with the 2nd. 3rd, and 4th homepages.

As far as why does ot work that way? As near as I can recall, Firefox has been that way since 2004 - the person or people who decided that is the correct response to the Home button and multiple homepages may not even be working on the Firefox project any longer, so getting an explanation of what he/she/they were thinking might not be possible at this time. But feel free to search for the Bugzilla report where that decision was made or filed for "action".

Did you try what I suggested in my PM to you, as far as having those 4 pages in the "target" line of your desktop shortcut for Firefox?