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How to force the use of the firefox core in an android app?


I am writing an app for android (version 4+) that have to display a html5 page. In default it uses the stock browser engine including the android api restrictions (for example the

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Currently Firefox for android doesn't support this feature. You could file a bug in bugzilla asking for the feature.

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We are currently working on creating a geckowebview. See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Projects/GeckoWebView for bugs and current plans.

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I,m running a gemmni 4.1.1 every time I use Firefox to view adobe flaws player films I,m told my device does not airport flash player. I was told too down load and install file called CSA or something like that and to make shores that I ENABLE plugins dunt that but still no joy why can no one make adobe flash player for all these divided I.all never know sort it out thanks