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Hi My name is Dave Heimbuch I am the QA Director over at MacMillan higher Education. Is there away to get notifications sent to us before a FF release comes out

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Is there away to get notified of an up coming FF release. What is happening is that when you guys do an update it interferes with the functionality of some of our applications. We deal with a lot of universities and as you know as soon as an update goes out most people just download them. What would help us is if we had like a 2 week heads up that a new release was going out so that we could be prepared to test so that we might be able to jump on an issue right away

Regards Dave Heimbuch Director of QA Macmillan Higher Education

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There are two things you can do here:

First, Firefox updates roll out on a very steady 6 weeks schedule (holidays sometimes interfere, but other than that it's every 6 weeks. You can test the Beta version of Firefox, which by the time beta 5 and 6 rolls around is pretty much what will be released.

Second, we have an Enterprise version of Firefox that you can use,

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for an overview of the development cycle also see (most changes go through 3-4 month of testing in the nightly, aurora & beta versions of the browser before they get released):

if you want to test your applications for changes in firefox in an early stage, use the aurora & beta versions of firefox from:

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At any time, you can find upcoming releases and planned release dates as well as past releases here -