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the homescreen default I set (Google) doesnt work - it bounces to another homescreen and won't let me change it!!

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i have used Firefox for a couple of years without problem. i moved last week and since then the homescreen is that of my service provider (Rogers) and NOT Google which is the one I have set as the default homescreen. A message pops up saying "click here if you want to change screen" but nothing happens - it just goes back to the Rogers landing page.

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See How to set the home page | How to | Firefox Help

If that doesn't work check the desktop or quick launch icon that you use to start Firefox.

The new Firefox home page is "about:home" it is not the same as you used for a couple of years. You might just want to use instead of either if it is a search page you want for a home page.

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Thanks, but this is getting more weird. The solution above didn't work and I was told that I probably have a 'bad' version of Firefox so need to uninstall and reinstall it. Sounds reasonable, except that when I try to uninstall Firefox, it keeps saying "you must close Firefox to proceed with uninstall". Well, I made sure to close Firefox but that pop up message keeps coming up and it won't uninstall. That tells me that Firefox is somehow always running in the background even after I close it so I can't uninstall. Does anyone have any ideas to offer to overcome this?