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Firefox process continues running, firefox is not accessible without task manager/end process

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Closing firefox does not end the firefox.exe process; attempting to open firefox results in the "FIREFOX IS ALREADY RUNNING" message; there is no way to open firefox without going to task manager and ending the firefox.exe process.

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Thanks to the answerers; I'd have gotten closer by myself if there had been some ëarlier nexus between my "doesn't close" and the knowledgeable community's "hang". Now my task is to re-enable the add-ons one by one to isolate the culprit. So far the Orange Surge" theme has been exonerated.

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Seems as if it is Symantec IPS 3.2 that has the effect of blocking firefox.exe's closure.

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I do not have an answer myself but I have seen this issue for some time now. I recall during the installation of the latest version of Firefox that it complained about Symantec software and some kind of incompatibility but I don't recall what it was. I do recall it saying that it would disable the feature but when I went into the addons (this morning) and looked they were all enabled. I narrowed down the hang to the exact problem everyone has above. I am questioning what happened between the newest install and finding the offending addon enabled? I don't know how that would have happened. Did a new Symantec install add in a newer version and re-enable it? Did the Mozilla install fail to disable it in the first place? Does this issue really belong to Symantec?