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How can I stop Firefox from making itself the default browser every time it upgrades?

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Every time there's a new version of firefox, it updates automatically, but it changes the windows file type settings so that firefox is now the default browser. I have gone to tools > options > advanced and cleared the "Always check to see if firefox is the default browser" checkbox. It's not an issue on startup, only on upgrade. This happens every time there's a new version of firefox.

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Try this one: START then CONTROL PANEL then ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS then choose SET PROGRAM ACCESS AND DEFAULTS in CUSTOM open up and in session CHOOSE A DEFAULT WEB BROWSER choose what you like and press OK to save it.

tell us if this work for you, thank you

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Unfortunately the "web browser" I want to use is just a compiled script that examines the URL and then launches the proper browser to open it (because some pages are not standards compliant and work better in a certain browser). It does not appear in the default web browser list, but when I go to Tools > Folder Options > File Types, I can edit the firefox URL, URL http and URL https types and then it will work correctly until the next firefox upgrade.