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Content/HTML content won't show up when I use a .cgi page (used for updating a .org website).

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop (netbook) with Windows XP.

A website I'm supposed to make web updates to, a .org website, has a .cgi website by Humanitects that we use to make updates and create new web pages on the site.

A couple of weeks ago, I was making web updates with the .cgi website, when suddenly, the next page I opened to update came up with blank text boxes. (The text boxes show formatting, and there's an HTML button to click that opens up a text box showing all the HTML code.) When I clicked on the HTML button, that came up blank too, except for a br tag. So I hit cancel, because that webpage, on the .org site, was definitely not blank, only the text boxes for content on its .cgi page were (showing up) blank. Due to this problem, although I can create new pages for the site, I can't update any of the existing pages.

It's possible this might be a Windows XP problem, since at the same time, my screen resolution changed. (It keeps showing up as the wrong resolution every time I turn on my laptop, even though I fix it each time. I have that question on the Windows XP support website.)

The thing is, I just got my laptop fixed a couple of months ago, and Norton 360 was installed. I ran a full system scan, a few threats were removed, and everything else was fine. As for Firefox, I tried clearing my cache and cookies, but that didn't help either, for this particular problem anyway.

So my question is, does anyone know why the HTML content is no longer showing up on the .cgi page? (I have another computer in my house that has always had this same problem, but my laptop was able to make the updates until about two weeks ago.)